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From Modern Inquisition (N2 Anita series)
Metal bed

Electric shocks are very helpful to achieve success in the sleep deprivation method, so our organization did spend a lot of money to develop a great power unit which is exactly designed for our needs. The amperage and voltage can be easily adjusted and there are several ways to connect the cables to the female delinquents body. The electro shocks are very painful but they never cause serious damage to the witches they are used on, even if those bitches will feel like being roasted alive. Our fathers in the past used fire and the stake. We have electricity, but the effect (and the success) are nearly the same... The slut seemed to try dancing while laying on the metal slatted frame as we gave the electric shocks and we can easily imagine she could do her job well as a prostitute having sex winding and lolling in her filthy bed at home with her customers. Later we connected the cables with clamps to her intimate body parts, her nipples and her labia, to intensify the therapy to adjust her perverted sexuality also. In order to teach delinquent 18 more about body hygiene and alertness, a special procedure of personal hygiene was executed while she was still chained to the bed. The slut was hosed down with ice cold water, and the tough water-jet was very painful when it hit the soft parts of her body. After all, the first day of her therapy seemed to be successful. She did not manage to fall asleep during the treatment, like it often has been the strategy of the witches in the middle ages while being tortured and interrogated as well to 'escape' to their dreams and avoid the pain. So the Reverend Mother decided to keep her in our house to continue her therapy.

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